Changes to BS EN Standards – Emergency Lighting

The latest revision to BS EN 1838: Lighting applications – Emergency Lighting, is soon to be published. 

Escape routes, including those passing through an Open Area will now need to be lit to a minimum of 1 lux across the whole width, rather than just the centre line as previously required. This excludes a narrow strip at each edge, as outlined below: 

  •   For escape routes wider than 2m, borders of 0.5m at the perimeter of the escape route are excluded.
  •   For escape routes of 2m and narrower, borders of one quarter of the escape route width can be excluded. 

We strongly advise you to design to the new format in order to future proof the safety of upcoming projects.  

We have compiled a presentation to include all the recent updates and a refresh on the rules of emergency lighting applications. If you would like one of our team to go through this with you, please contact your Liteplan representative. 

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