Celebrating 30 Years

As we celebrate our 30th year, we reflect on what has contributed to our success over the years. Obviously, the loyalty of our customers is paramount, but what has attributed to that? Our unwavering dedication to the quality of our products has been the main motivator. Closely followed by our constant high levels of stock and fast delivery promise. The way in which we innovate the emergency lighting market has never faltered. This is down to the many eureka moments of our technical design and R&D teams. This is something we have been extremely proud of over the years. 

I suspect that if you ask our customers why they have worked with us for so long, they would simply say that they have enjoyed the ride, that they feel appreciated and that we have become more than just a supplier to them. Our OEM partners have been able to rely on us to support their projects with the greatest discretion.

” As we celebrate our 30th year, we reflect on what has contributed to our success over the years.”

Our customers have always had direct contact with us at director level, so there are seldom delays in decisions; we are always accessible to them. Our valued team have extensive knowledge and experience and are always happy to impart that wisdom to those we work with.  


As the family enter our 30th year of trading as Liteplan, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to those who have worked with us along the way and of course those dear to us which we have lost during that time.


We look forward to the next thirty with great anticipation. Considering the products we were designing thirty years ago in comparison to today, it’s exciting to imagine what we’ll be thinking of thirty years from now!

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