New Products
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A selection of our latest innovations and product ranges

Conversion Kits for LED Loads
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Our range of LED conversion kits, including energy saving options for the conversion of mains lighting, or as stand alone emergency lighting.

LiFePO4 Extra Long Life Range of Products
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Liteplan are the UK innovators of extra long life LiFePO4 emergency lighting products. This section showcases our current ranges employing this latest technology.

Standalone Emergency Kits and Escape Lighting
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Our range of standalone emergency LEDs and escape lighting are available as standard emergency, self-test and DALI self-test.

Exit Signs and Bulkheads
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Our range of self contained luminaires, including exit signs, twin-spots and bulkhead LED luminaires.

Conversion Kits for 230VDC Loads
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Our range of 230V DC emergency conversion kits are designed to power mains voltage loads capable of being run at full output with a DC voltage.

Conversion Kits for Fluorescent Lamps
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Our range of conversion kits for a wide variety of fluorescent lamps, including kits specifically designed for T5 lamps or low mercury lamps.

Conversion Kits for 12V and 24V Loads
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Our range of 12V and 24V emergency conversion kit to operate both filament and Low Constant Voltage LED loads.

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Our range of batteries, including, VRLA, NiCd, NiMH and LiFePO4 in various layouts and capacities.

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Our range of LED devices are designed for certain specific applications either as standalone or as the solution to difficult integral conversions.

DALI Self-Test Luminaires and Exit Signs
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In addition to our range of DALI self-test control gear, here is our range of DALI compatible LEDs, bulkheads and exit signs

DALI Monitoring Systems
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Monitor is Liteplan's Simple DALI compliant operating and reporting system, suitable for all sizes of emergency lighting schemes. Available in two formats to suit many user preferences.