Liteplan Monitor

Monitor is Liteplan's emergency lighting operating system gathering data from DALI compliant emergency lighting control gear and presenting it in a simple user friendly manner.  The iOS based user interface is designed to be wall mounted offering data in a touchscreen format. As the DALI emergency control gear carries out its required function and duration tests on a monthly and annual basis, Monitor will send reports to chosen email addresses whilst also displaying faults in the MTOUCH screen that shows the location of the fitting that requires attention. Sites can therefore be remotely managed and rectification works can be carried out specifically when required and with haste, saving costs. 

The report generated by Monitor guides the user directly to the fault by displaying the exact location of the fitting requiring repair. 

Monitor is built in accordance with the DALI standard IEC 62386 and is compatible with all DALI emergency control gear. 

  • DALI Operating System IEC 62386 Compliant
  • Compatible with any Manufacturer's DALI Gear
  • Suitable for Smaller Simple Schemes
  • Scalable up to 10,000 Emergency Fitting Projects
  • Can be customised to OEM branding specification
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DALI Compliant


From small domestic installations to 10,000 fitting commercial applications.

Touchscreen Operation

All features and reports are accessed via a wall mounted touchscreen.

DALI Compliant

Conforms to BS:EN 62034:2012 Automatic Test Systems for Battery Powered Emergency Escape Lighting covers both self-contained stand-alone luminaires (Self-Test) and self-contained centrally monitored luminaires (DALI).

Auto Heal

This can be carried out in a fraction of the time of traditional DALI operating systems and by one person, dramatically reducing commissioning costs.

Uncomplicated Operation

The system initiates and processes testing in accordance with BS 5266-1, without any added complications. Commissioning tests, monthly functionality tests and a full three hour duration test once a year.

Programmable Test Schedule

Functionality and duration test schedules can be programmed to not interfere with the surrounding environment. These can also be grouped for added flexibility.

Emailed Reports

PDF Reports are sent to selected email addresses following each test showing that all is healthy, or highlighting any specific issues.

Simple Commissioning

Monitor features Liteplan's exclusive Pre-Commissioning Mode that not only mitigates typical installation issues, but protects the emergency batteries from premature discharge before handover. Also, rather than having to pre-address any replacement emergency control gear, Monitor will auto heal the new part, addressing it itself.

Technical Details

  • Each two channel Hub connects to up to 128 fittings through two bus lines of up to 64 fittings each
  • Each DALI bus is restricted to a 300m length. The Voltage of each DALI bus should be between 16V and 20V.
  • The installer friendly enclosures can be mounted together to form a multiple hub arrangement 
  • A network of enclosures can be connected via Ethernet cables throughout a building
  • Up to 10 hubs in total can be operated from each MTOUCH touchscreen.
  • Multiple MTOUCH touchscreens (up to 8) can be connected and viewed at each location. 
  • Monitor creates its own network.


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